Putting the Pieces Together

When and Why Should I Choose Hospice Care?

A Person with a life limiting illness has the right to live his or her final months comfortably;  to the fullest extent imaginable.  Cardinal Hospice offers terminal patients a more dignified and peaceful alternative to aggressive treatment (that can sometimes decrease not only the quantity of life but also the quality.)

While Cardinal Hospice neither hastens nor postpones dying, Cardinal Hospice helps patients spend their final months in a familiar, comfortable environment (such as their private home, Nursing Home, or Assisted Living,) with and near their loved ones, without limited access.

Cardinal Hospice focuses on all aspects of a patient's life and comfort, to include: not only physical, but emotional, social, and spiritual needs.  An individualized plan of care is developed with the patient and family upon admit, and becomes updated through

​change in condition by experienced and qualified staff.

This staff may include: Doctors, Nurses, Social Workers, Chaplains,

Home Health Aides, and Volunteers.

Cardinal Hospice is appropriate for patients who have a terminal diagnosis with a life expectancy of six months or less, determined by physician.

In additional to ALL cancers, patients diagnosed with:  End Stage Kidney/Liver/Cardiac/Neurological/Pulmonary/ Disease, Parkinson's, ALS, and AIDS/HIV can significantly benefit from Hospice care.  Moreover, patients diagnosed with Alzheimer's are often overlooked for Hospice care;  However, it is proven that a patient diagnosed with end stage Alzheimer's can monumentally benefit from Hospice services, relieving the family of that all too familiar feeling of being "burned out."  Subsequently restoring the quality of time left with their loved one. 

Cardinal Hospice accepts: Medicare, Medicaid, VA, Private insurances, and private pay.

It is important for the patient and family to know that it is their RIGHT to choose their hospice provider.

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